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Artful Hair

 Creative Artist Jamal Hodges, New York gives us this fashion forward spread:

The Look:  Fringe softly accentuating long soft strands of hair on the sides. This updated vintage look softens androgynous features gentle femininity.

Picture 4Picture 2Picture 3Picture 1




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August: Passion Hair Artistry Competition


You & Your Salon Team Are Invited To Celebrate Your Hair Design Artistry With Passion Stylebook Hair Designs! There is still time to register for the new Passion International Stylebook Photography Competition Sessions scheduled to be hosted this year in Jacksonville, Providence, Chicago and Washington, DC. go To  and register.

 Need training for your salon or spa? Go to JlLife Haircare  at and set up a date.

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Fierce Fashion

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See The Hottest Hair Styles At The NAHA Awards


The NAHA  show has the hottest stars in the hair biz. This year’s finalists are:


Darian Bishop

Lina Shamoun

Shelly Devlin

Nicholas French

Daniel Holzberger

Contemporary Classic

Edwin Fontanez

Dimitrios Tsioumas

Maureen Anlauf

Ammon Carver

Laurie Haney

Editorial Stylist

Cameron Letterman

Steve Elias

Michael Albor

Maryl Velbeck

Daniel Holzberger

Fashion Forward

Nicole Obert

Faatemah Ampey

Lucie Doughty

Maureen Anlauf

Kathleen and Michael Gaide-Mahan and Albor


Sue Pemberton

Chrystofer Benson

Adriana Balea

John Simpson

Silas Tsang


Michael Baker

christopher deagle

Maureen Anlauf

Richard St. Laurent

Silas Tsang

Master Stylist

Eric Fisher

Charlie Price

Brian and Sandra Smith

Nicholas French

Alain Pereque

Salon Design

Riccardo Santoro

Hasblady Guzman

Wendy Farjami

Larry Fila

Van Council

Student Hairstylist

Amanda Di Carlo

Whitney Vallee

Kelli Parks

Tatum Henson

Corey Lofton

Salon Team

Anna Pacitto-Merlo

Gianpolo Colombo

Oliver Motto

Richard St. Laurent

Silas Tsang


Shawna Parvin

Steve Elias

Dimitrios Tsioumas

Faatemah Ampey

Adriana Catenaccio


John Simpson

Francesco Ramirez

Janell Geason

Aeriel Payne

Sasha Ahart


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The Adventures of Hair Gurl

Hair Gurl

Hair Gurl did a great write up  about JLife’s founder Andrew Jose.  Hair Gurl is a webby nominated  personal weblog about one woman’s  hair adventures.  

It’s nice to know that everyone has good and basd hair days. The greatest thing about this blog is the tips and tricks for ethnic hair. She also posted this month’s coupon.

june hair crop1


May Hair Pics 002 compressor

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Join JLife Haircare On Salon Galaxy


Join JLife Haircare on Salon Galaxy. Keep up with hair styles, stylists, salon gossip and more.

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Models Plus Reviews JLife Summer Hair Care



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JLife Haircare video

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Cool and Chic Celebrity Hair Accessories

 Summertime is a great time to simplify your hair care routine.  Cool but chic is always trendy and accessories make styling hair easy. Here are some Celebrity Hairstyle  photo suggestions  from the Addicted To The World Of Beauty Network. 








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Human Hair Embroidery-Hair Artwork by Jennfer Perry

These fabulous hair creations have inspired the JLife Haircare team.

 As we look for new and innovative ideas for hair, we came across on artist that stands out for her use of  human hair.

Hair Art

Hair Art

These embroidered human hair pieces hang in galleries but what if the sculptures were had sewn, as wigs to be used in fashion shows? What a great display of artistic talent and a great inspiration to freelance hair stylists and artistic directors

Artist Statement:

In the fall of 2000 I traveled to the Island of Jersey in the English Channel where hundreds of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall bunkers stud the coastline. Some of them looked as if they had been built thousands of years ago, with their stepped “porches” and tomblike portals, and others were eerily futuristic. These beautiful and terrible fortresses became metaphors for personal and artistic issues that I was dealing with at the time: safety, fear, vulnerability, hatred, cruelty.

I reference the bunker forms by making schematic drawings on paper, and I then pierce the surface with a needle hundreds of times along the pencil lines. I knot individual strands of hair end to end and sew them into the paper or canvas. The hair creates bisecting planes that overlap and build up to create a schematic “drawing” which floats in a horizonless space. I am interested in representing closed, illusionistic rooms or spaces that hold memory. The fragility and visceral quality of the hair softens and humanizes the precise perspectival drawings of these imaginary fortresses, as it creates a play on scale and density.

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