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Celebrity Men: Still Have Hair Issues

  Just because the rich and famous are, well, rich and famous, it doesn’t mean they automatically have great hair. Celebrity hair stylist Toni Walker recommends JLife  Mousse for fine curly hair. The softer hold looks great both on camera and off.  In_Control

IMDB photos

IMDB photos


Male celebrities have the money for hair replacements but generally speaking,  most men do not like anything fake, even in Hollywood.

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Celebrity Hairstylist Spotlight From JLife Haircare

Hollywood Spotlight:

 Celebrity Hairstylist Toni Walker Heads up the Hair Department  of the Movie “Hesher” starring Natalie Portman, Rainn Wilson, Joseph Gordon Levitt and John C. Reilly.

 Photo by IMDB
        Photo by IMDB

  Tina Roesler Kerwin oversees the “Untitled Duplass Brothers Project” starring Marissa Tomei, Kellan Rhude and John C. Reilly.
Key Hair by Kim Santantonio:

Photo from IMDB Photo from IMDB

Both stylists recommend JLife Heat Shield before styling.


  Heat Shield Strengthening Iron Protector: this product has no hold or styling capability. Heat Shield protects the hair with UV blockers and heat blockers that coat the cuticle before straightening the hair. Protection level is tested up to 400 degrees (common top end of flat irons).  Use this anytime you blow dry, or straighten the hair.

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Hair- JLife’s New Smart Series Airs This Fall On ABC


 Hairstylist Shawn Finch shows off his style in the new fall series” See Cate Run,” that will be airing on ABC.  Finch’s work has been seen on shows such as Day Break, Pepper Dennis and Strong Medicine.This show was his first introduction to the JLife Haircare line which was especially sent for the show  stars Jenna Elfman and Amy Smart.


Smart, has very fine hair and it can easily be weighed down with product so it is easy to over do it with product, resulting in weighed down hair that has no hold. This a particular concern for stylists not only on set, but everywhere. Because of this issue, the JLife team recommended, the Surf Girl Sea Spray  for softer styles and Air fixx Spray for setting  the styles. Heat Shield UV Straightening Protector, for blow drying and keeping breakage to a minimum when drying the hair.


Look for the beautiful results, coming soon on a small screen near you.

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