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Cool and Chic Celebrity Hair Accessories

 Summertime is a great time to simplify your hair care routine.  Cool but chic is always trendy and accessories make styling hair easy. Here are some Celebrity Hairstyle  photo suggestions  from the Addicted To The World Of Beauty Network. 








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Celebrity Men: Still Have Hair Issues

  Just because the rich and famous are, well, rich and famous, it doesn’t mean they automatically have great hair. Celebrity hair stylist Toni Walker recommends JLife  Mousse for fine curly hair. The softer hold looks great both on camera and off.  In_Control

IMDB photos

IMDB photos


Male celebrities have the money for hair replacements but generally speaking,  most men do not like anything fake, even in Hollywood.

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Memorial Day Hair Care Tips From JLife Haircare

JLife Haircare
JLife Haircare



Many people are traveling over the three day Memorial Day weekend. No need to have “Bad Hair Days.” Here are some JLife Haircare quick hair tips.

Avoid sticky serums if you are traveling and go for more malleable products such as Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz Spray. It keeps your hair fresh and has no build-up what-so-ever. It is recommended for every type of hair, straight and curly. If you have straight hair, spray and comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb. Let hair air dry. If your hair is curly, spray and scrunch with your fingers. Let hair air dry.

For Long hair that may become tangled easily, try SOS Leave In Conditioner and detangler. It has just enough moisturizer but still has no build up. Just spray and comb through the hair starting at the bottom ends of the hair moving upwards towards the crown of the head until hair is detangled. Let hair air dry.

sea_spraySurf Girl Sea Salt Spritz Spray: From the beach creates a more disheveled look in the hair with some body, some hold, and some management. There is no wax, no oil, and it helps in the preparation for more extreme or subdued styles. Create funky up doos, create fluff or edges. An overall product that needs to be played with to find the most interesting results for various customers. Crunch it, scrunch it and use it liberally.




sosSOS Leave In Conditioner: This leave in conditioner again full of sea moss helps aid as a cutting agent, softens the hair prior to perms and as a detangle spray. Use prior to swimming to fend off the damages of chlorine. Product will not add weight to the hair so liberal use is advised.

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Hair Styles From JLife Featured In UK Hairdressers


JLife’s Andrew Jose makes the Style pages of UK Hairdresser this Spring.

Motto: Condition By Day – Shine By Night

Condition By Day:

Apply Drench Conditioner  to the hair all day at the beach,treating the hair as you would protect their skin.Re-apply after swimming and at regular intervals throughout the day. JLife Drench is a luxury product that is packed fullof sea moss. It weightlessly delivers superbly strengthened and moisturized hair leaving the hair in superb condition for the night ahead.

Shine By Night:

Simple and Beautiful Styling tips from Andrew Jose of JLife Haircare. Andrew Jose shows sleek and simple styles for any season. JLife makes it easy to give your client sexy hair without the fuss so they can simply throw on a hot pair of sunglasses and get out the door! JLIfe. It’s your life. Have fun and look great!

 Visit JLife For More Great Products:

Visit The JLife Gallery For More Great Styles:

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Miscellaneous Finds SOS By JLife Haircare-Good For The Whole Family



I had the privileged of trying out a hair care line called JLife from Andrew Jose, a London celebrity hair designer.

Not available in retail stores, it’s exclusive to some salons and online.  The philosophy of JLife is to design a “product in a range designed with the hairstylist in mind; for customers to use for themselves to keep the look and feel created for them and their lifestyle.”  jlifelogo-300x24

I tried the S.O.S Leave in Conditioner which works on any hair type.

I have very straight hair that is on the greasy side.  While it’s usually shiny, I do have a problem with combing out my shoulder length hair unless I use a conditioner.  Unfortunately, every conditioner I’ve tried leaves my roots greasy, so I tend to only condition the ends.


I tried the S.O.S. on both wet and dry hair and found that it left my hair silky, shiny, detangled and all that without any residue at  all!

Truly miraculous as I’ve never been able to use any type of product on my hair without it weighing it down and making it greasy looking.  My hairstylist has tried every designer brand in their shop and I’ve tried a few on my own.  I’ve had to go with naked hair my whole life – just blow dry & go.  I’m thrilled to have found a conditioner that does what it says it’s going to do and without leaving any residue and without an overpowering scent.  The S.O.S. has a very light and pleasant scent.

S.O.S. Leave In Conditioner detangles and provides UV protection while moisturizing and nourishing your hair.  It uses Sea Moss and Provitamin B5 as its main ingredients.  It comes in a generously sized 10.1 oz bottle with a spray top.  It takes approximately 10 sprays to do my hair – I have very thick hair that’s below my shoulders – it appears it will last 2-3 months at my current usage.  It works wet or dry and is a favorite of swimmers.  Since my hair is straight, I use it wet.   Someone with curly hair may prefer it on dry hair.

The JLife website is very attractive, easy to navigate, and full of information.

You can shop by hair type making choosing the right product easier.  The JLife line is a complete hair care system – Modeling Clay, Gel, Strengthening Iron Protector, Mousse, Volumizing Spray, Serum, Sea Salt Spritz, Spray, Wax, Hairspray, Shampoo and Conditioner, Liquid Styler, Grooming Cream, and Intensive Conditioner.

I’m enjoying the S.O.S. Leave in Conditioner and highly recommend it.  The price tag of $20 is reasonable for a salon product that works.



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British Beauty Blogger Reviews JLife For Thin/ Fine Hair Types





A while back I asked for volunteers to test shampoos and conditioners for thinning hair. Charlotte from London tested the J-Life range by Andrew Jose, and in her own words had her ‘best hair day Christmas in years!’. Read her full review below:JLife – the big one – thickening shampoo


============================= This was definitely thickening! Not in a “pouffe-y” way, but in a general overall greater volume effect. It has quite a marked salon smell, and was what I regard as quite a strong shampoo — meaning that it tended to make my hair rebel a bit, bringing out its natural kinks. I generally stick to a gentler shampoo to avoid this, but it won’t put me off using the JLife shampoo when I want a more volume-y effect.


JLife – the big one – thickening conditioner


This is great. Equal to or better than my current essential product, which is the Naked thickening conditioner. I’ll definitely buy more of this. The one complaint is that it is quite runny, and supplied in an unwieldy half-moon container than makes it awkward to dispense without wastage. (The same container is used for the shampoo, but because that’s gloopier, it’s not such a problem.) Given that it’s such a winner, I would want to make this last as long as possible and not lose any.

Using both the shampoo and conditioner together, with the last of the thickening styling spray that I already had, I had the best-hair-day Christmas in years. Fantastic. And especially vital now that there are little nieces and nephews on the scene and lots of photos that get taken with their Aunty for posterity… And as previously noticed, all three thickening products work better in an area with softer water (where my parents are) than when used with London water.

I do definitely want to re-stock once all these are finished.


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