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The Adventures of Hair Gurl

Hair Gurl

Hair Gurl did a great write up  about JLife’s founder Andrew Jose.  Hair Gurl is a webby nominated  personal weblog about one woman’s  hair adventures.  

It’s nice to know that everyone has good and basd hair days. The greatest thing about this blog is the tips and tricks for ethnic hair. She also posted this month’s coupon.

june hair crop1


May Hair Pics 002 compressor

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Jlife Haircare Xtreme Colour Protector By Simply Stacie


 I have been colouring my hair for the past five years and like to get a different look every few months or so. I like how it gives my hair some life, but I know how hard it can be on my thin, fine locks. I was recently given the opportunity to review Xtreme Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner by JLife and was curious to see what effect it would have on my hair.

JLife products were developed by the internationally renowned stylist Andrew Jose. Each product is uniquely formulated with Sea Moss which helps the hair retain moisture naturally while being low in additives and good for the environment and your hair.

I found it interesting to learn that 90% of colour loss comes from the moisture used in washing your hair which in turn swells the cuticle and allows non-bonded colour molecules to flow down the drain. I always wondered why my colour looks so vibrant on the day of my dye job and yet in matter of a week or so, it would be dull and fading away. Hmmm…..

Even with my professional shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for dyed hair, I still had this problem and now I know why! JLife says that this is an issue with most professional shampoos and conditioners out there that are no longer abrasive to the hair structure so you can say bye bye colour.


The product I got to try out was Xtreme Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. As with all of JLife products that are designed as color protection with a natural pH that helps shut the cuticle and trap the color in your hair, this particular shampoo and conditioner have an added level of conditioning to give a pearlescent shine to your hair. It is meant to gently cleanse your hair while maintaining your colour and it even has sunscreen in it to protect your hair from UV damage. It contains both Sea Moss and Pro Vitamin B5 to nourish and add moisture.

I have been using this product the last two weeks and I am thoroughly impressed with its effect on my hair. My colour looks more vibrant and it seems to have taken on a new life. I love how soft it makes your hair feel too. I have baby fine hair which often just looks so lifeless and dull and I’m pleased to say my hair hasn’t looked this good in years. My sister even commented on my hair and said it looked really nice and asked what had I done to it.

The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is pleasant enough and not overpowering. I like how it easily lathers and that you don’t need to use much of either. The price is typical of what you would pay in a hair salon with the shampoo at $18 and the conditioner at $22.

I would continue to use this product and I’m curious to try some of the other products they have to offer. To purchase any of JLife products, please visit their website.


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JLife Haircare Big One Shampoo Gets A Big Review



I’ve discovered several new hair and body products on the market that do not lather. That’s a bit of a problem for me because I like lather. When I wash my hair I like my head to be covered in lather. So much so that when I’m in the shower and I rinse my hair, my toes are covered in bubbles.


J-Life’s, The Big One Thickening Shampoo is everything I want in a shampoo. My NY liked it, too! That’s him in the shower, not me!!100_1477-1


Throughout the full JLife range of haircare products the clean, fresh European fragrance provides consistent appeal to users from all walks of life. The essence of JLife is a focus on natural ingredients derived from the sea and nature designed to create shiny, healthier hair. Originally designed for professionals, JLife products are now available for everyone.

Ingredients Include:


Red Sea Weed to provide ultimate moisture.

Red Algae to add volume and thicken the hair shaft.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to increase shine.

Sugar Cane Juice to soften hair and reduce static.

 Vitamin E Extracts to strengthen hair and add shine and condition.

 Pro Vitamin B5 to add moisture and light condition.


We try to live as organic as possible at our house so clean and pure ingredients from nature are important. I love that The Big One Thickening Shampoo is clear and colorless. It’s like washing my hair in a fresh mountain stream. I like that.

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Jlife Haircare-Rock ‘N Roll Hair Fantasies-Splendicity Review



Rock ‘N Roll Hair Fantasies
by Aly Walansky  
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Pink Family Reviews JLife Swell Mousse



I love to try out new things on my hair. That’s why I was super excited to try out Jlife Haircare products.

Jlife Haircare was created by London salon owner Andrew Jose. He wanted to enhance the education provided to stylists in the United States. He is dedicated to maximizing stylist’s talents and promoting the highest quality of hair care to his clients.

The key ingredients for Jlife Haircare products are:
· Red Sea Weed: ultimate moisture
· Red Sea Algae: add volume and thickens the hair shaft
· Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: increase shine, durability, and adds moisture
· Sugar Cane Juice: softens hair and reduces static

The key features of Jlife Haircare products are:
· Made by a hairdresser for hairdressers
· Simple, no crossover products
· Clean, fresh fragrance that does not linger; the client smells their perfume/cologne, not the hairspray

Jlife Haircare products can be found in fine salons around the world and at this website.

I was sent a bottle of the Jlife Swell Mousse to try.



It’s goal is to create volume and prevent flyaways and is antistatic.

Let me tell you, I have thick, naturally curly hair, so I am always anxious to see how something new will work on it. First, I was impressed by how light the mousse was. It seemed very airy. As a result, I thought I needed a lot for my longer, thick hair, but that was definitely not the case. I was pleasantly surprised at how well just a little bit covered all my hair.

The second test would be when I blow-dried my hair. Having naturally curly hair, it tends to get frizzy when I blowdry it if I don’t have the right product. The Jlife Swell Mousse was great at controlling frizz and keeping my curls smooth.

Overall, I have to say I like this mousse. It is light so that I don’t feel like I am putting a bunch of goop in my hair yet it controls the frizz. I would definitely recommend this product.

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Miscellaneous Finds SOS By JLife Haircare-Good For The Whole Family



I had the privileged of trying out a hair care line called JLife from Andrew Jose, a London celebrity hair designer.

Not available in retail stores, it’s exclusive to some salons and online.  The philosophy of JLife is to design a “product in a range designed with the hairstylist in mind; for customers to use for themselves to keep the look and feel created for them and their lifestyle.”  jlifelogo-300x24

I tried the S.O.S Leave in Conditioner which works on any hair type.

I have very straight hair that is on the greasy side.  While it’s usually shiny, I do have a problem with combing out my shoulder length hair unless I use a conditioner.  Unfortunately, every conditioner I’ve tried leaves my roots greasy, so I tend to only condition the ends.


I tried the S.O.S. on both wet and dry hair and found that it left my hair silky, shiny, detangled and all that without any residue at  all!

Truly miraculous as I’ve never been able to use any type of product on my hair without it weighing it down and making it greasy looking.  My hairstylist has tried every designer brand in their shop and I’ve tried a few on my own.  I’ve had to go with naked hair my whole life – just blow dry & go.  I’m thrilled to have found a conditioner that does what it says it’s going to do and without leaving any residue and without an overpowering scent.  The S.O.S. has a very light and pleasant scent.

S.O.S. Leave In Conditioner detangles and provides UV protection while moisturizing and nourishing your hair.  It uses Sea Moss and Provitamin B5 as its main ingredients.  It comes in a generously sized 10.1 oz bottle with a spray top.  It takes approximately 10 sprays to do my hair – I have very thick hair that’s below my shoulders – it appears it will last 2-3 months at my current usage.  It works wet or dry and is a favorite of swimmers.  Since my hair is straight, I use it wet.   Someone with curly hair may prefer it on dry hair.

The JLife website is very attractive, easy to navigate, and full of information.

You can shop by hair type making choosing the right product easier.  The JLife line is a complete hair care system – Modeling Clay, Gel, Strengthening Iron Protector, Mousse, Volumizing Spray, Serum, Sea Salt Spritz, Spray, Wax, Hairspray, Shampoo and Conditioner, Liquid Styler, Grooming Cream, and Intensive Conditioner.

I’m enjoying the S.O.S. Leave in Conditioner and highly recommend it.  The price tag of $20 is reasonable for a salon product that works.



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Ageless Haircare by Jlife!


No matter how young we are, haircare is still important and necessary. Jlife haircare bridges the age gap.

JLife ,Your Life, Your Hair , Your Style, Ageless, and Timeless. Here is a review By Granny Janet.

I have been following the easy directions on the back of the can of JLife Swell Mousse. I wash , towel dry my hair, shake the can and dispense a small amount of mousse into the palm of my hand and enjoy the fresh clean scent as I apply the white foam all over my hair.

I love the way my hair looks and feels since I have been using JLife Swell Mousse! I have medium/thick hair, it is not thin and it is not thick. Even though it is recommended for fine hair it has been working great on my hair. It adds fullness and body. Very important to me is that it does not dry my hair out and it is not sticky. I got the same fantastic result when I used it on my hair when it was dry. I was impressed because it held my style and my hair had bounce. I would purchase JLife Swell Mousse and I would love to try their other products!

JLife offers a full range of products for hair care, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, volumizing spray, shine spray, liquid styler, wax, serum, gel, clay. You can choose your hair type and get product recommendations here.


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Urban Beauty Online Reviews JLIfe Perfect Wave: DeFrizz and Define Curls




Product Review: JLife’s Perfect Wave | “Define & De-frizz Your Curls”


JLife Hair Care

I was contacted to try a product from Jlife Hair Care. I had never heard of Jlife so I quickly hit the Internet to find out as much as I possibly could. The creation of the line is based on renowned celebrity stylist Andrew Jose wanting to simplify the hair industry. He felt hair styles and the products required to maintain them had become way too complicated for real people and even hairstylists. So in turn Jose created products with the base ingredient of Sea Moss that would each serve a purpose and deliver on it’s claims.

Instead of a styling product that just enables hair to be sculpted Jlife makes products that also keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Key ingredients include: Red Sea Weed (to provide moisture and conditioning), red algae (add volume), hydrolyzed wheat protein (increase shine, durability and moisture), sugar cane juice (soften hair & reduce static), vitamin e extracts for strength and pro vitamin b-5 for light conditioning.

I was sent a styling product: Perfect Wave- a defrizzing curl definition styler. It’s recommended use is to apply to hair before round brushing which I did. Was I impressed? No. But I did discover that this product has another use. First let me tell you about my hair. It’s shoulder-length, chemically-relaxed and I do love my flat iron. I decided to use it on my hair dry before I used my flat iron to do a flip. I applied about a dime-sized amount to my hair especially the ends. Perfect Wave is the combination of a gel and a shine serum. Not greasy but light and it has great slip and didn’t leave any residue or film on my hair. The fragrance of the product reminds me of a lovely unisex fragrance; something women wouldn’t mind their hair smelling like and men wouldn’t be embarrased having their hair smell like.

I was amazed at how my flip lasted throughout the day. And this was a rainy and misty day where my hair got drizzled on several times without it frizzing up or even falling and it even maintained a nice sheen. I thought ok now let me try this without using this product and see what my hair will do? And it was quite a stark contrast. Without using Jlife’s Perfect Wave my hair fell and even frizzed a little bit. So if it’s a misty, drizzly or humid day and you want to get your hair to behave and not fall prey to the moisture; ask your stylist about Jlife’s Perfect Wave.

I still have yet to use this product for creating curls so look for another review coming soon letting you know how it performed for a wet set.

(JLife Perfect Wave Styler, retail $18.00)

Find out more about Jlife Haircare

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British Beauty Blogger Reviews JLife For Thin/ Fine Hair Types





A while back I asked for volunteers to test shampoos and conditioners for thinning hair. Charlotte from London tested the J-Life range by Andrew Jose, and in her own words had her ‘best hair day Christmas in years!’. Read her full review below:JLife – the big one – thickening shampoo


============================= This was definitely thickening! Not in a “pouffe-y” way, but in a general overall greater volume effect. It has quite a marked salon smell, and was what I regard as quite a strong shampoo — meaning that it tended to make my hair rebel a bit, bringing out its natural kinks. I generally stick to a gentler shampoo to avoid this, but it won’t put me off using the JLife shampoo when I want a more volume-y effect.


JLife – the big one – thickening conditioner


This is great. Equal to or better than my current essential product, which is the Naked thickening conditioner. I’ll definitely buy more of this. The one complaint is that it is quite runny, and supplied in an unwieldy half-moon container than makes it awkward to dispense without wastage. (The same container is used for the shampoo, but because that’s gloopier, it’s not such a problem.) Given that it’s such a winner, I would want to make this last as long as possible and not lose any.

Using both the shampoo and conditioner together, with the last of the thickening styling spray that I already had, I had the best-hair-day Christmas in years. Fantastic. And especially vital now that there are little nieces and nephews on the scene and lots of photos that get taken with their Aunty for posterity… And as previously noticed, all three thickening products work better in an area with softer water (where my parents are) than when used with London water.

I do definitely want to re-stock once all these are finished.


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BIBI Magazine Recommends JLife Drench! For Winter Hair



Drench it UpIf after all the styling and piling, your hair is feeling a dried, out, the Drench Intensive Conditioner may be the exact moisture drink your hair needs. The rich conditioner contains Caribbean sea moss, an ingredient known for it nutritious and energy-giving properties. Apply it once a week for a deep condition. Your hair will feel softer and more silky after just one use, $24.



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