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Urban Beauty Online Reviews JLIfe Perfect Wave: DeFrizz and Define Curls




Product Review: JLife’s Perfect Wave | “Define & De-frizz Your Curls”


JLife Hair Care

I was contacted to try a product from Jlife Hair Care. I had never heard of Jlife so I quickly hit the Internet to find out as much as I possibly could. The creation of the line is based on renowned celebrity stylist Andrew Jose wanting to simplify the hair industry. He felt hair styles and the products required to maintain them had become way too complicated for real people and even hairstylists. So in turn Jose created products with the base ingredient of Sea Moss that would each serve a purpose and deliver on it’s claims.

Instead of a styling product that just enables hair to be sculpted Jlife makes products that also keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Key ingredients include: Red Sea Weed (to provide moisture and conditioning), red algae (add volume), hydrolyzed wheat protein (increase shine, durability and moisture), sugar cane juice (soften hair & reduce static), vitamin e extracts for strength and pro vitamin b-5 for light conditioning.

I was sent a styling product: Perfect Wave- a defrizzing curl definition styler. It’s recommended use is to apply to hair before round brushing which I did. Was I impressed? No. But I did discover that this product has another use. First let me tell you about my hair. It’s shoulder-length, chemically-relaxed and I do love my flat iron. I decided to use it on my hair dry before I used my flat iron to do a flip. I applied about a dime-sized amount to my hair especially the ends. Perfect Wave is the combination of a gel and a shine serum. Not greasy but light and it has great slip and didn’t leave any residue or film on my hair. The fragrance of the product reminds me of a lovely unisex fragrance; something women wouldn’t mind their hair smelling like and men wouldn’t be embarrased having their hair smell like.

I was amazed at how my flip lasted throughout the day. And this was a rainy and misty day where my hair got drizzled on several times without it frizzing up or even falling and it even maintained a nice sheen. I thought ok now let me try this without using this product and see what my hair will do? And it was quite a stark contrast. Without using Jlife’s Perfect Wave my hair fell and even frizzed a little bit. So if it’s a misty, drizzly or humid day and you want to get your hair to behave and not fall prey to the moisture; ask your stylist about Jlife’s Perfect Wave.

I still have yet to use this product for creating curls so look for another review coming soon letting you know how it performed for a wet set.

(JLife Perfect Wave Styler, retail $18.00)

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Jlife Haircare

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