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  Deciphering 3 of My Favorite JLife Products


By Matthew Landis

When it comes to beauty products, we know that Americans love the sound of anything European, but sometimes small but important details get lost in translation.  Ask anyone from Britain if Americans speak English, and most of them will laugh and politely tell you no.  But it’s not just words that get lost in translation; imported products can also confuse the Stateside consumer.  What is it called?  What does it do?  Why would I want that?

Andrew Jose and his team created the products with a European sensibility for high fashion and gave them names that reflect his love for the ocean and the beach. 

One of the greatest strengths of JLife is its simple and straightforward usability; however, there are a few product types that I believe may be somewhat unfamiliar to a broad American market.   For instance, hair mousse is something most of us still associate with the 1980’s.  Other products seem obvious, but maybe we are afraid to ask what they are really for.  Is grooming cream a men’s product?  And what exactly do I do with sea salt in my hair?

I am no different. Through my time with Andrew Jose as well as using the products in the salon, the following three products are now among my favorites.

in_controlIn Control Mousse 

Stateside, we think of mousse primarily for volume.  This mousse, however, is about control.

 The first successful mousse product introduced to the U.S. market was in 1984, and the image of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl is the first thing that often comes to mind.  Back then, mousse was perfect for achieving those gravity-defying looks of the era.  In the early 1990’s, mousse products for the most part fell out of vogue in the U.S. while gels and sprays survived, and pomades were on the rise. 

Mousse isn’t just for big hair anymore.  Mousses have several unique properties that make them useful for a variety of looks and hair types.  They are lighter than gel and have more grip than silicone or serum products.  I use In Control Mousse for straightening and smoothing hair that is coarse and frizzy. 

Best Use Guideline for In Control Mousse:  Shake can well.  Spray foam into palm.  Use a comb to thoroughly distribute the products through the hair.  Shape or blow-dry as desired.


Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz 

Surf Girl is a light, easy to use spray that is great for adding texture and bulk to fine, limp hair.  It can also add more oomph to wave and curls. 

The misperceptions of this product may be more generational than international.   Some might wonder what the advantages would be to putting something in their hair that sounds like a mixture of salt and beach sand.  Personally, I like to think that sand at the beach is something that feels good between my toes and Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz is more like sunshine and the ocean in my hair.

The “Surf Girl” label is misleading because I think this is a great product for guys looking for a beach, “surf boy” look – a style than transcends geography.

Best Use Guideline for Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz:  Mist the product through wet or damp hair.  Blow dry, towel dry, or air dry for whatever look suits you.  Can also be used on dry hair or second-day hair to revive and refresh your style.


Sunset Surfer Grooming Cream –

To many, the idea of hair “lotion” sounds disgusting.  We think of lotion as something primarily for dry skin, a slightly greasy, viscous concoction that would leave our hair looking like a swim through an oil spill. 

Lighter than pomade and more versatile, Sunset Surfer gives hair texture, separation and easy control without gooping or clumping it up.  It gives wonderful smoothness and shine. It can even tame those little, crazy hairs caused by static electricity or the hairs naturally wild tendencies.  It’s great for everyday use as well as giving you that secret something when doing editorial or special occasion styles.  Once they try it, my friends who use it come back again and again for more.

Best Use Guideline for Sunset Surfer Grooming Cream:  Start with a small amount and add more as necessary using your fingertips for refined work and your whole hand for smoothing large sections.

Whether learning a new skill or how to use new products, keeping an open mind and getting as much information as possible is key to success.  Andrew Jose and everyone at JLife have created a line of products that are easy to understand, easy to use, and produce maximum results – and that is something everyone can love, no matter what language they speak. 

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