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Hair Styles From JLife Featured In UK Hairdressers


JLife’s Andrew Jose makes the Style pages of UK Hairdresser this Spring.

Motto: Condition By Day – Shine By Night

Condition By Day:

Apply Drench Conditioner  to the hair all day at the beach,treating the hair as you would protect their skin.Re-apply after swimming and at regular intervals throughout the day. JLife Drench is a luxury product that is packed fullof sea moss. It weightlessly delivers superbly strengthened and moisturized hair leaving the hair in superb condition for the night ahead.

Shine By Night:

Simple and Beautiful Styling tips from Andrew Jose of JLife Haircare. Andrew Jose shows sleek and simple styles for any season. JLife makes it easy to give your client sexy hair without the fuss so they can simply throw on a hot pair of sunglasses and get out the door! JLIfe. It’s your life. Have fun and look great!

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Cosmetics and Toiletries Magazine Features JLIfe



Humectant _JLife_Haircare

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Hair- JLife’s New Smart Series Airs This Fall On ABC


 Hairstylist Shawn Finch shows off his style in the new fall series” See Cate Run,” that will be airing on ABC.  Finch’s work has been seen on shows such as Day Break, Pepper Dennis and Strong Medicine.This show was his first introduction to the JLife Haircare line which was especially sent for the show  stars Jenna Elfman and Amy Smart.


Smart, has very fine hair and it can easily be weighed down with product so it is easy to over do it with product, resulting in weighed down hair that has no hold. This a particular concern for stylists not only on set, but everywhere. Because of this issue, the JLife team recommended, the Surf Girl Sea Spray  for softer styles and Air fixx Spray for setting  the styles. Heat Shield UV Straightening Protector, for blow drying and keeping breakage to a minimum when drying the hair.


Look for the beautiful results, coming soon on a small screen near you.

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Hair Links JLife Haircare

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Hot Hair Trends: Spring/Summer 2009

Celebrity hairstylist  Andrew Jose brings you a round-up on the best hair and beauty looks from the catwalks of Europe
New hairstyles to inspire hairdresser and client alike
2009, fashion forward women will stand out, cut their hair shorter or let it grow and wear it free and full















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Jlife Haircare-Rock ‘N Roll Hair Fantasies-Splendicity Review



Rock ‘N Roll Hair Fantasies
by Aly Walansky  
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JLife S.O.S Leave In Conditioner Reviewed By Mom’s Favorite Stuff


Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler for Easier Hair Management


January 9th, 2009

I have the kind of difficult hair that isn’t quite curly and isn’t quite straight.  As a result, I can’t just jump out of bed and be ready to go.  My hair requires care and feeding, and the new SOS Leave In Conditioner by JLIFE I received is perfect for keeping tangles at bay, and also protecting my hair against damage from my straightener or hairdryer.  It’s not heavy at all, so it doesn’t weigh down my hair like other leave-in conditioners tend to do, and it also doesn’t make my hair look oily.

JLIFE products are inspired by the surf, and all products start out with a natural base and is designed to leave the hair after 12 hours.  So, unlike other products I’ve used, this leave in conditioner doesn’t make my hair look dull and heavy at the end of the day.

To learn more about all JLIFE products, please visit

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