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Artful Hair

 Creative Artist Jamal Hodges, New York gives us this fashion forward spread:

The Look:  Fringe softly accentuating long soft strands of hair on the sides. This updated vintage look softens androgynous features gentle femininity.

Picture 4Picture 2Picture 3Picture 1




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Fierce Fashion

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Models Plus Reviews JLife Summer Hair Care



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Cool and Chic Celebrity Hair Accessories

 Summertime is a great time to simplify your hair care routine.  Cool but chic is always trendy and accessories make styling hair easy. Here are some Celebrity Hairstyle  photo suggestions  from the Addicted To The World Of Beauty Network. 








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Human Hair Embroidery-Hair Artwork by Jennfer Perry

These fabulous hair creations have inspired the JLife Haircare team.

 As we look for new and innovative ideas for hair, we came across on artist that stands out for her use of  human hair.

Hair Art

Hair Art

These embroidered human hair pieces hang in galleries but what if the sculptures were had sewn, as wigs to be used in fashion shows? What a great display of artistic talent and a great inspiration to freelance hair stylists and artistic directors

Artist Statement:

In the fall of 2000 I traveled to the Island of Jersey in the English Channel where hundreds of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall bunkers stud the coastline. Some of them looked as if they had been built thousands of years ago, with their stepped “porches” and tomblike portals, and others were eerily futuristic. These beautiful and terrible fortresses became metaphors for personal and artistic issues that I was dealing with at the time: safety, fear, vulnerability, hatred, cruelty.

I reference the bunker forms by making schematic drawings on paper, and I then pierce the surface with a needle hundreds of times along the pencil lines. I knot individual strands of hair end to end and sew them into the paper or canvas. The hair creates bisecting planes that overlap and build up to create a schematic “drawing” which floats in a horizonless space. I am interested in representing closed, illusionistic rooms or spaces that hold memory. The fragility and visceral quality of the hair softens and humanizes the precise perspectival drawings of these imaginary fortresses, as it creates a play on scale and density.

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Urban Beauty Collective: Health and the Beauty Biz


 Today on the Urban Beauty Collective Network:

 They ask one of the hottest topics in hair today:

What to do when you have an illness as a stylist? We are glad that you’ve asked, here is the JLIfe answer.

Join the JLife Haircare rewards program and receive opportunities to become a platform trainer, expand your salon sales base, expand your media reach, build your media portfolio, and expand your career. We have programs for the salon owner and the stylist to take your salon or career to the highest levels. This has not been offered in the business before. Stay in the salon and earn more money in ways that you’ve never dreamed of or travel and train.

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Celebrity Hairstylist Spotlight From JLife Haircare

Hollywood Spotlight:

 Celebrity Hairstylist Toni Walker Heads up the Hair Department  of the Movie “Hesher” starring Natalie Portman, Rainn Wilson, Joseph Gordon Levitt and John C. Reilly.

 Photo by IMDB
        Photo by IMDB

  Tina Roesler Kerwin oversees the “Untitled Duplass Brothers Project” starring Marissa Tomei, Kellan Rhude and John C. Reilly.
Key Hair by Kim Santantonio:

Photo from IMDB Photo from IMDB

Both stylists recommend JLife Heat Shield before styling.


  Heat Shield Strengthening Iron Protector: this product has no hold or styling capability. Heat Shield protects the hair with UV blockers and heat blockers that coat the cuticle before straightening the hair. Protection level is tested up to 400 degrees (common top end of flat irons).  Use this anytime you blow dry, or straighten the hair.

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Texas Hair Show Model Call

texas-hair _jlife haircare

The Texas International  Hair and Trade Show is conducting a MODEL CALL. If you are interested or may know of an interested party. Submit your photos to and We will be scouting hair, runway, and fashion models. So if you believe this is your shot to get noticed, jump on it. Give us a call for more details…
Cratina Webb
Vince Shelton
(903) 926-7211
(214) 674-1995

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Enter To Win In The Short, Sexy, Sassy Style Competition

Get Noticed.  Send in Your Short Sexy, Sassy photos to Positive Magazine.

Don’t just read the news, be the news.

Positive_June_Hairshoot_Ad.jpg ~1

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Memorial Day Hair Care Tips From JLife Haircare

JLife Haircare
JLife Haircare



Many people are traveling over the three day Memorial Day weekend. No need to have “Bad Hair Days.” Here are some JLife Haircare quick hair tips.

Avoid sticky serums if you are traveling and go for more malleable products such as Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz Spray. It keeps your hair fresh and has no build-up what-so-ever. It is recommended for every type of hair, straight and curly. If you have straight hair, spray and comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb. Let hair air dry. If your hair is curly, spray and scrunch with your fingers. Let hair air dry.

For Long hair that may become tangled easily, try SOS Leave In Conditioner and detangler. It has just enough moisturizer but still has no build up. Just spray and comb through the hair starting at the bottom ends of the hair moving upwards towards the crown of the head until hair is detangled. Let hair air dry.

sea_spraySurf Girl Sea Salt Spritz Spray: From the beach creates a more disheveled look in the hair with some body, some hold, and some management. There is no wax, no oil, and it helps in the preparation for more extreme or subdued styles. Create funky up doos, create fluff or edges. An overall product that needs to be played with to find the most interesting results for various customers. Crunch it, scrunch it and use it liberally.




sosSOS Leave In Conditioner: This leave in conditioner again full of sea moss helps aid as a cutting agent, softens the hair prior to perms and as a detangle spray. Use prior to swimming to fend off the damages of chlorine. Product will not add weight to the hair so liberal use is advised.

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